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Festival In Cannes Title Card

Festival In Cannes

20011h 39m

A documentary shot at the glamorous film festival

Home Title Card


20091h 50m Documentary, Nature

A fascinating composition of Earth's diverse beauty and a glimpse into its possible future

Flowers Don’t Last Title Card

Flowers Don’t Last

20060h 26m Romance, Thriller

Sparks fly in a flower shop and danger intervenes... A titillating short by Ilya Gorovatsky

Nothing Sacred Title Card

Nothing Sacred

19371h 17m Classic, Comedy

This 1937 Technicolor screwball comedy was one of the first feature films shot fully in color. A Hollywood classic.

The Bells of St Mary’s Title Card

The Bells of St Mary’s

19452h 6m Classic, Drama

This wholesome melodrama set in a Catholic parish school centres on a newly assigned priest and his decision on whether to shut down the school.

Duel Title Card


20040h 26m Action, Short

A lone horseman -part of the King's guard - walks into a tavern only to discover all is not fair and just in the kingdom.

Stalag 17 Title Card

Stalag 17

19532h 0m Classic, War

When two escaping American WWII prisoners are killed, the German P.O.W. camp barracks black marketeer is suspected of being an informant.

The M Word Title Card

The M Word

20141h 56m Drama, Independent

A hot shot TV exec at a struggling local station gets an unconventional pitch. New York City indie by veteran director, Henry Jaglom.

Kilo Valley Title Card

Kilo Valley

20140h 30m Crime, Drama, Independent

As the night falls in sunny California. The wolves take to the streets where only the strong survive and the weak get eaten alive.

Late Bloomer Title Card

Late Bloomer

20040h 12m Comedy, Short

A nervy room of teenagers get more than they bargain for in class one afternoon (to amusing effect)...