Filmlife is an online video-on-demand streaming service that allows Creators to upload videos. Users are able to watch videos and store content in their library. They are also able to rate or comment on content they watch, ensuring its popularity is recognised.

Filmlife is available on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone (Android or iOS).

Sign in if you already have an account or ‘Join for free’ if you don’t have an account with us. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and enter the required details. Click on the Filmlife logo to return to the homepage and browse our marketplace or search for something specific. Select the title you want, click the PLAY button, then the play icon and enjoy!

By clicking PLAY, you will incur an automatic charge for the video (but you won’t be billed until the month’s end). To see how much you’re charged, refer to ‘How much is Filmlife content?’

Filmlife is FREE to subscribe to and navigate. You only pay for what you watch.

All content is priced at £1 each. To watch a title, select it and click the PLAY buttonat which point you will be automatically chargedand the title will be available for you to view. The total cumulative charge for the content you purchase that month, together with the payment processing fee of £0.30, is debited from your card on the last day of that calendar month.

Your Dashboard will keep you updated about your monthly invoice – more details can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Payment processing fee
This fee applies to all subscribers that purchase content in a given month. It ensures the security of processing your payment, while protecting your payment details and data, and reflects the charges levied on Filmlife by the payment processor.

The payment processing fee is an additional £0.30 incurred after the purchase of your first title and is only applicable once per monthly billing cycle. Therefore, multiple titles purchased in one calendar month will not cause repeat charges of the fee. If you do not purchase any content that month then you are not subject to this fee.

Transcoding fee

This fee applies to all Creators who upload video content. It ensures your content is available to users across all devices (web, phone, Android and iOS) and is displayed at the same quality as its upload file. The transcoding fee is £10 for EACH title that is added and is automatically charged at the point of upload. This fee will also accrue with your monthly invoice seen in the Dashboard. If you do not upload any video content that calendar month then you are not subject to this fee.

After signing up as a user to Filmlife, you have the ability to upload video content. Once you upload content that Filmlife administrators find acceptable you are deemed a ‘Creator’. Creators are able to see the amount of views and the progress of their titles in their Dashboard. Creators are rewarded with 70% of net revenue their content produces (minus the transcoding fee). The remainder of revenue is reinvested by Filmlife towards marketing, hosting, and general running costs, allowing the platform to grow.

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