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Kilo Valley

20140h 30m Crime, Drama, Independent


As the night falls in sunny California. The wolves take to the streets where only the strong survive and the weak get eaten alive. Monti, the Alpha wolf, leads us through a day and night in his life as he struggles to make sense of it all. After entering into a drug deal with some college boys that goes bad, Monti finds far more than just dope. The problem is in order to keep it, it could cost him his life.


Directed and co-written by Mykel Shannon Jenkins
Written by Cl Taylor


Carlos Arellano
Michael Feig
Leif Holt
Mykaila Jenkins
John A. Lorenz
Michael Nuymeyer
Sylvester Powell
Skyler Seymour
Mykel Shannon Jenkins
Leon Simmons
Stefania Spampinato

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