This page is to inform Creators of the technical specifications required to meet the standards of quality that Filmlife requires. We ask every Creator to read through this manual and meet its requirements before uploading their content. This will ensure that we deliver a universally excellent experience for all Filmlife users. Creators should also refer to our Terms at www.filmlife.com/legal/.

Source Material Requirements

Submissions of Films from the Dashboard page [Add Film] must contain a primary video file (Film File) that users can purchase and a secondary preview video file (Preview File) that is freely available to users.  The list below consists of mandatory specifications for the Film File.


Delivered content must not contain

  • -bars and tones
  • -added censoring of images and visuals
  • -segment recaps
  • -trailers or previews
  • -promotional material which is not germane to the content itself, or
  • -external advertising.
  1. Content may contain brief bumpers relevant to production and publishing before the main content.
  2. Content should be delivered with no more than two seconds of black silence at the head and tail of the main content.
  3. Running time of uploaded content should be between 15 minutes and 3 hours.
  4. Content must be complete and may not be split into multiple deliveries.
  5. Content should run without skipped or blurred frames or random interruptions to the main content. There may be no repetitions in the playback of content except where this is an integral feature of the content.
  6. Creators must not upload duplicate versions of the same Film.
  7. If the primary language is English, there must be no hardcoded subtitles regardless of language. If the primary language is not English, Creators are free to choose whether to include hardcoded English subtitles.
  8. Subtitles other than English should be avoided except where necessary. Contact Filmlife directly if you regard your case as exceptional.
  9. All titles should be delivered in their native frame rate (typically around 24fps, however exceptions can be made).
  10. All titles must be run at original playback speed, that is, no fast-forward or slow motion modifications.
  11. All titles must be delivered in their original aspect ratio to avoid distortion. Widescreen (16:9) is preferred but not required.
  12. All titles must play at their true resolution from source. ‘Up-resing’ of content is not allowed.
  13. If audio is dubbed, this should be noted somewhere in the film information and should be consistent before uploading.
  14. Where possible, please upload content that is compressed at high definition rather than raw and uncompressed.


Technical specifications

Filmlife enables Creators to submit their Films in resolutions up to 4K, however Full HD (720p, 1080p) is preferable. We will accommodate UHD quality, however, we ask Creators to keep in mind there is file size limit of 6 gigabytes.

Filmlife supports most format types and video codecs – compressed and uncompressed. A list of these formats is:

  • MPEG-4
  • AVI
  • AVC
  • MKV
  • IMF
  • Apple ProRes 422 HQ (and others)

For the detailed information of supported formats, please visit here.

Filmlife uses AWS’ proprietary Quality Variable Bitrate (QVBR) to encode submitted video content. This mode of bitrate is ideal for online distribution. For a more detailed insight into how this works and compares, please visit here.

Filmlife will not accept any audio-only files.

Secondary Material Requirements

This list refers to the Preview file which must accompany the Film content file:

  • Preview content should either be a produced trailer for your primary title OR a short edit taken from the main content you intend to submit eg. a 20 second ‘snippet’.
  • It may run for between 10 seconds and 3 minutes.
  • Preview content should complement main content in general spec eg. aspect ratio, framerate, resolution.
  • Preview files may also be submitted or delivered in any of the formats listed above.
  • Where a Preview file is NOT submitted or delivered, Filmlife will take the liberty of editing one directly from the main content.
  • For the sake of user’s enjoyment, please do not submit a Preview file which may discourage them from the main title eg. unnecessary spoilers or obnoxious promotion.

Display Art Specifications

All creators and licensed content providers are required to submit or deliver rights-owned display art of the relevant title to the specifications described below. It is critical that you size your image to this exact pixel width and height as shown so that it can work across all platforms responsively. Simply using an identical ratio will not work.

Hero Image:

Size: 1600×900

Description: This image forms the background of your title’s page and is its feature image. It sits behind the video window as content plays.

Title image:

Size: 1200×675

Description: This is the main display image on the Filmlife marketplace. It is primarily shown when users navigate the Explore page alongside other films or Creator profiles and Dashboard. It is also the placeholder image before a user purchases a title.

Poster image:

Size: 540×800

Description: This is a portrait-style promotional image similar to a DVD cover or wall poster. It is displayed on a title’s page beside Cast and Crew information. It is also the image that is displayed next to a query in the search bar.